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The thief on the shop.!!!!*scary moment*

It was a good day,a very good day  i pass  on my tests WITH GREAT  NOTES and all it was going  very good i go with my mother in Durres and then i meet someone it was the "seller"there he was kind and i felt very good and for one moment in the shop what i was ,someone breaks the glass of the store and two thief steal everything and everyone money  and my mother rings and the moment i and the "seller"we was far away from my mom and the thief didn't realize that we are on the corner down to the table  they didn't see me ...
I call the police and the police comes very quick at the moment the seller hug me on front of my mom and i was not expecting this at the moment i hear my name and i was tired   AND i realize that ...

 ...IT WAS... A DREAM...

                               BYE beautiful's from your ANGEL👼

My trip to KOSOVO!!!!!!!

Finally i go in Kosovo(Kosova) YES!!!!
there was for really fun and there had very cool stuff to do,this trip was organized from our school for just our class,9th grade (by the away  12 jun its my birthday and i turn 15 !!!!)the place that we visited was Prizren
There had very much things that i liked,like:People they was very good and friendly,by the away an Albanian with one  Kosovar,they are very different we speak Albanian BUT with different kind of accent and little different.For me they speak very beautiful for that i meet one kosovar friend (girl) that it seem like she do fun with us but when i tell her that she speaks very GOOD she said no you speak better and to be honest i was little bit shocked .(but i liked it)The people was very beautiful and ALL Albanian had this beauty thing we are beautiful population no cause i am Albanian too... (*flirt😅😜😈) *ALL together kosovo Albania.stay here because i will post some photos by the away in Kosovo just wait some time and check my…

pretty girl

This is for all boys man  that judges quick a "pretty girl" or girls women that judges...
i am your beautiful angel and i wanna to tell how it is to be a pretty girl ,i don't say that for me how i hear to others i am one of the "pretty girls".
sometimes its a good thing to be pretty but "beauty hurt" .
ok lets begin with the story ,
i have one best friend and i don't now but the boys of our class see her like SISTER,and she is pretty at all. ok l understand that i am the new girl but not anymore ,i am like 4 years now here and all see me like "love"away,ok sometimes when i flirt out of class,but no with the boys of my class all the time i see them like A FRIENDS....
I live on Albania and who is Albanian will understand me,boys act like jerk with a "pretty girl"they don't now that to win a girl hart is with the good and respectful away .Now its little different because they loose they're interest cause i ignore t…

summer !!!

summer is cool  you can do party's ,go to the beach,wear what you want but sometimes  is  a really disaster!!!!
now we are near summer and i wanna to tell some advice that REALLY  help me ,
how to avoid sweat in summer is difficult  but i have one advice for this ,when you are shopping for an antiperspirant look for something with that has a high aluminum content this block the sweat and see  .When you're out and about, carry baby wipes or similar wipes that you can use underarm and on your body to mop up sweat quickly in the bathroom and feel fresh again.
in summer is good to do party is awesome and its perfect.
for girls in summer we like to have our hair down but its not good  because our hair getting crazy for that do some hairstyles click on YouTube summer hairstyles and you will see some beautiful styles ok sometimes and i do my hair down but no everyday and to look more special.The most important love yourself and live your life

Bye beautyfuls from your Angel👼

annoying people

Its normal in our daily life we meet new people but sometimes we meet the ANNOYING one,i don't like them i want to tell some kind that i have meet before or now...

1.The "gossiper" one.
they are just annoying they talk all the time and you now that they are lying to everyone they cheats and they are the perfects liar...or stupid one.

2.The "Alien one ".
*xaxaxa they are little bit funny i think,because they are in other planet,just they don't now what they are saying but 85% of them act crazy and they don't understand the situation and 15%of them are not dangerous

3.The "i am better than you"one.
or just the mean one ,on life,school or college they are just  ANNOYING, today i meet one and really make me really mad with her but i don't have the right to judge anyone and yell at them

message:don't say anything about the personal life of others, you are you and they are they ,don't do to other what you don't like to do others on y…


TODAY 6/5/2017
Sometimes is good to cry because the emotion have to come out and if you don't pull out your  emotions, will be bad for you health...
i am the kind of person that when happen one thing that worry i don't cry ,i don't  say anything and the bad of this is i pullet out when i am good and i have no reason to cry this is the moment to cry without permission i just .... i don't liked because  its not good for me ...don't be afraid to cry because that mean you have heart and you are human .(word say man don't cry wrong all human cry don't judge very quickly).

be HAPPY!!!

Today 5/5/2017.
Sometimes in life we have situations  that we have to choose →the right and the wrong thing←i am very young to tell this to you guys because i don't now your age and i don't have the right but i want to say what i learn into situation.
1.To have many friends its not wrong but don't trust them easy, for my self i have one friend that she is the best friend and i considered sister i trust her very much the other is just to don't be back to society.
2. In life have the right things and the wrong one ,you don't chose your family or your skin color you chose your choice to do the wrong or to do the right thing.

3.Don't be stressed ,stress its not good for yourself and for others around you, DON'T BE STRESSED!!!!