pretty girl

This is for all boys man  that judges quick a "pretty girl" or girls women that judges...
i am your beautiful angel and i wanna to tell how it is to be a pretty girl ,i don't say that for me how i hear to others i am one of the "pretty girls".
sometimes its a good thing to be pretty but "beauty hurt" .
ok lets begin with the story ,
i have one best friend and i don't now but the boys of our class see her like SISTER,and she is pretty at all. ok l understand that i am the new girl but not anymore ,i am like 4 years now here and all see me like "love"away,ok sometimes when i flirt out of class,but no with the boys of my class all the time i see them like A FRIENDS....
I live on Albania and who is Albanian will understand me,boys act like jerk with a "pretty girl"they don't now that to win a girl hart is with the good and respectful away .Now its little different because they loose they're interest cause i ignore them and don't  hear all that  stupid things  they said for me . I AM A PRETTY GIRL and what ???

its not something be shamed about or mean with,i don't now why i tell this to you guys but its something that i don't understand,i am young to say this,but i feel this right now to say and this is what i gonna to say NOW....'by the away i was inspired from this song hear it this video is with lyric sing it if you want...
aaaa and sorry about this entire time i was very busy with learning and exams "thing"πŸ˜–πŸ˜•πŸ˜”

see you soon!!!!!

bye BEAUTY'S from your AngelπŸ‘Ό


  1. is this true tell me if you want and conversation contact me with email or google account !!!!!!


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