The thief on the shop.!!!!*scary moment*

It was a good day,a very good day  i pass  on my tests WITH GREAT  NOTES and all it was going  very good i go with my mother in Durres and then i meet someone it was the "seller"there he was kind and i felt very good and for one moment in the shop what i was ,someone breaks the glass of the store and two thief steal everything and everyone money  and my mother rings and the moment i and the "seller"we was far away from my mom and the thief didn't realize that we are on the corner down to the table  they didn't see me ...
I call the police and the police comes very quick at the moment the seller hug me on front of my mom and i was not expecting this at the moment i hear my name and i was tired   AND i realize that ...

                                           ...IT WAS... A DREAM...

                               BYE beautiful's from your ANGELšŸ‘¼


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