annoying people

Its normal in our daily life we meet new people but sometimes we meet the ANNOYING one,i don't like them i want to tell some kind that i have meet before or now...

1.The "gossiper" one.
they are just annoying they talk all the time and you now that they are lying to everyone they cheats and they are the perfects liar...or stupid one.

2.The "Alien one ".
*xaxaxa they are little bit funny i think,because they are in other planet,just they don't now what they are saying but 85% of them act crazy and they don't understand the situation and 15%of them are not dangerous

3.The "i am better than you"one.
or just the mean one ,on life,school or college they are just  ANNOYING, today i meet one and really make me really mad with her but i don't have the right to judge anyone and yell at them

message:don't say anything about the personal life of others, you are you and they are they ,don't do to other what you don't like to do others on you.

4.The "i take your stuff without permission" when people touch or take my stuff i want to scream them,like brothers ,sisters ,best friends or stupid people that they are awkward and dont now anything.

5.The "i want to be by force your friend"
The feeling of awkwardness is always present with this people,they want to be your friend very hard. You don't want to be your friend and they now it.This kind of  person it's on my class and its really annoying.
(and i just say on one of my blog read"how to be popular in high school"don't try to hard the others who love s you_ loves you and who not don't care about them)


bye Beautiful's from your Angel๐Ÿ‘ผ


  1. do you like this?now i want to experiment ,i like to put on my blog new things what do you think?

    1. its actually very interesting its like you do like 5 types of blank and I like that king of stuff


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