smth about my life

i am beautiful angel and i gonna to tell you some thing about me!!!

1.How old am i and when is my birthday ?  
i am 14 and in 12 june i will turn 15.

2. where i am from? i am from Albania!!!

3.what religion i am ? for 11 year i lived in Greece and i learned very good things for christian and when i turn t to Albania i learned very good things for Muslums  i respect very mutch these 2 religion and only thing sure is that i believe in GOD.

4.why i open this blog with this name??
i like to spend time to write interesting things that really i want to people interest and why not and help.i open this blog with this name because simple i don t now i liked very much.

5.My family...
i have one small family about 4 persons i ,my brother and my parents.i live in Durres .

and please  understand me my name or personal information will be not show in public  my face always will be covered.... 
My motto??        everything happens for a reason๐Ÿ˜Š i should never be sad because GOD when he close one door for you he opens the other trust me i know better .....
bye beautiful s from your Angel.๐Ÿ‘ผ


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