My trip to KOSOVO!!!!!!!

Finally i go in Kosovo(Kosova) YES!!!!
there was for really fun and there had very cool stuff to do,this trip was organized from our school for just our class,9th grade (by the away  12 jun its my birthday and i turn 15 !!!!)the place that we visited was Prizren
  • There had very much things that i liked,like:
  • People they was very good and friendly,by the away an Albanian with one  Kosovar,they are very different we speak Albanian BUT with different kind of accent and little different.
  • For me they speak very beautiful for that i meet one kosovar friend (girl) that it seem like she do fun with us but when i tell her that she speaks very GOOD she said no you speak better and to be honest i was little bit shocked .(but i liked it)
  • The people was very beautiful and ALL Albanian had this beauty thing we are beautiful population no cause i am Albanian too... (*flirt😅😜😈) *ALL together kosovo Albania.
  • stay here because i will post some photos by the away in Kosovo just wait some time and check my blog !!!!!!
sImage result for kosova prizren
                                                                     PEACE  ☮ (in Kosovo)
Bye beauty's from your Angel👼


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