summer !!!

summer is cool  you can do party's ,go to the beach,wear what you want but sometimes  is  a really disaster!!!!
now we are near summer and i wanna to tell some advice that REALLY  help me ,
how to avoid sweat in summer is difficult  but i have one advice for this ,when you are shopping for an antiperspirant look for something with that has a high aluminum content this block the sweat and see  .When you're out and about, carry baby wipes or similar wipes that you can use underarm and on your body to mop up sweat quickly in the bathroom and feel fresh again.
in summer is good to do party is awesome and its perfect.
for girls in summer we like to have our hair down but its not good  because our hair getting crazy for that do some hairstyles click on YouTube summer hairstyles and you will see some beautiful styles ok sometimes and i do my hair down but no everyday and to look more special.The most important love yourself and live your life

Bye beautyfuls from your Angel๐Ÿ‘ผ


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