how to be popular in highschool

to be teen its hard but the most harder  is to be popular in high school  i want to tell you some advice
for this...

1.Be social.
to be popular in high school you must be social in instagram,facebook,twitter you should do many friends make conversations with other ,smile and be good friend.

2.Make your own style.
to be popular is not to wear that everyone  wear, make your own style that you are comfortable with,and you get noticed from other.

3.Don't be fake
be your self don't try to be fake everyone don't like the fake friend because if you gonna to be fake you gonna be annoying instead  of be popular... 

4.Be yourself—for real. This may sound trite, but people who are truly popular don't worry about what they should do to "fit in", because they really do just because they're comfortable with who they are. You might think that in order to be popular, you need to be attractive and talented, but while it's true that those qualities are more likely to make you a hit with people, there are extremely popular people who are otherwise quite average, and there are extremely good-looking and talented people who are anything but popular.

    5.Give a helping hand.

     Popular people don't just know everyone—they're on good terms with everyone. They establish those terms by helping people out, and they don't do it in particularly noticeable ways. They do little things to establish rapport . They offer someone a pencil when they need it. They close the neighbor's gate when it opens after a strong wind. They hold the door open and wait for the person behind them. But most often, they listen to people when they talk, and they offer to help somehow.

    (all popular kids look happy and all the time they making fun).

    6.Don't try too hard. 

    Surprisingly, many "popular" people don't put too much conscious effort into it. They simply are themselves. If you're desperate to be popular, it will show in your actions, and people will think you're a poser, or worse, a freak. One way to make friends is if you find a group of friends that shares your interests, who you can easily be yourself around. Then as you become more and more accustomed to hanging out with people, you can branch out and start talking to different people.

    7.Maintain a variety of interests. 

    Don't just be a jock or get obsessed with the school yearbook. Instead, maintain a variety of interests by having a few irons in the fire at once. Though you shouldn't spread yourself so thin that you don't have time for yourself, being more involved in more activities will help you get recognized, put your name out there, and get to know more people from different walks of life.

    (Don’t think too hard. Being popular is as much a state of mind as anything else. If people see you trying too hard to be popular, they will usually dismiss your effort).


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