i am sad this is few reasons why ....

1.OK now i am in a new place HIGH SCHOOL and i don't have my best friend she is in another school in a better one...and i MISS HER SOOOOO MUCH.

2.There the teacher's aren't so good that i expected ...(I think that one teacher should be a little serious and a little bit "controler"    
3.but they are too much )*i wish no one of my teacher see this😇😜*

4.i am a serious girl and i "select my friends" i can't be with no one if i don't like how they act or do bad things and i am not a person that i call you friend and reality don't like you,if i don't like you i just leave...

5.The pressure of school every teacher want very much home works and class works however i am learning the difficulties and i will stay me.

6.i am lucky that i defend my self and no one can bully me or something I AM A STRONG GIRL(thank GOD *this is part of me ...)

all i said of my sadness is school and  society but thank GOD i am a good student with pretty good
grades and this makes me happy .... and i have my parents that they support me on everything i want to do and they keep me like a princess ... i really should be not so sad because  i am fine other are in a worst situation than me..... i am realising that i am over react 

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                                                 tomorrow is a new day be positive 😊
bye Beauty's from your Angel👼


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